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How to Buy!

1. Open Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser on your MAC or PC

2. Search for Metamask and download the app from the Chrome store or


3. Click “Get Started” once Metamask opens up

*If you had a Metamask or Trust Wallet previously you can simply click on “Import wallet”.  All you need is your seedphrase, and then create a new password. Your wallet is now set up. It’s that easy


If this is your first wallet, or you just want a new one:

  • Click “Create wallet” and make a new password.


  • Agree to the terms and click “Next”.


  • Copy “seedphrase” down. It’s very

  • important to keep this private and safe.

  • Click “Next” and enter you seedphrase in the same order they were originally given.


  • Click “Finish” and your new wallet is now created.

4. Now you need to add the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to your wallet.  

To do this:

  • Click on your Avatar in the top right corner

  • then on “Settings”

  • select “Networks”

  • and then “Add network”.


You can follow this link to find needed BSC information. For your convenience it is listed below. Just copy and paste it into Metamask, click “Save”.


5. Now you need BNB

  • If you have any BNB in another wallet or exchange you can simply send it from there to your new  Metamask wallet.


  • If you don’t have any BNB you can simply buy it directly on Metamask, as long as your local laws allow it, or you can buy through an exchange like Bitmart and then send it to your Metamask wallet.


Now that you have BNB, it’s time to buy some Ramble under the ticker RMB 

6. Go to and login in with our Metamask wallet.  

7. Click on “Connect wallet, and select Metamask. It will ask you to allow the connection,  click “Agree”.  

8. Select the “Trade” menu option, then click “Swap”.  

9. First dropdown should already be set to BNB, that’s what we are using to buy Ramble with. If it isn’t – select BNB manually. 

10. Set the second dropdown menu to RMB. If it’s your first buy, you will have to add the Ramble Contract address to your token list.  

11. Simply click on “Import”, located next to the Contract section.  

12. Please verify that the name says Ramble, the symbol is RMB and the contract address matches the one provided  on our official website:

13. Click on “I understand” and then “Import”. 

14. Select “Settings” at the top right, and set “Slippage Tolerance” to 1% because the price could change rapidly. Now you can close the settings window.

15. Now click on “Swap”, and click “Swap anyways”. If you get a price affect warning, just click “Confirm”.


16. Metamask will now open and ask you to confirm the transaction, Click “Confirm”, Pancakeswap  may ask you to add a RMB token to your Metamask, click “Add”.

That’s it, now you are a part of the Ramble community!


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